Why Our Safety Banners Are Better

Theirs Ours
Designs Cluttered - message is lost in a collage of colors / shading. Check Winning designs are clean and bright - just like your safety signs. Basic rule of good design is keep it simple.
Price 10-40% more / use third party printers Check Buy direct and save.
Durability Not industrial grade. Can hold your hand behind banner and see it through the banner.
Only rated at 2-3yrs outdoors.

Check We use 16-18oz reinforced vinyl - thick enough that light will not show through like cheap banner materials.
Materials Often cheap polyethylene. 10oz or less. See Through type material. Check 16-18oz Tuff-Weave vinyl with no "Show Through". Specifically designed for bannners with polyester weave inside.
Fire Resistance Use unsafe materials. Check Flame retardant (self extinguishing) materials.
Fabrication Use tapes or thermal welded, don't have that finished look. Often, no hems at all. Check Double-stitched hems for a clean neat appearance / strength.